Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can I not see the division or event I am looking to register for in my portal?

Only the divisions &/or events that applicable to your age, gender & skill level appear on your portal. If you cannot see a division or event, then one of the following fields are inaccurate in your profile settings: 1) Date of Birth 2) Skill Level 3) Gender

2. How do I change my partner in the division I am registered for?

To change your partner, go to 2) League Info 2) Location your division 3) Select Roster 3) Update Partner

3. How do I find a substitute player?

If you need a substitute for a league you would select 1) League Info 2) Locate your division 3) Select Sublist and contact someone on that list. To locate a sub for an Event select 1) Event Info 2) Locate your event 3) Select Sublist and contact someone on that list. 

4. Do I need a partner in order to register for a league?

To register for a league, you must have a partner and the following information: 1) Team Name 2) Partner’s Name 3) Partner’s Email address – the one they registered a player portal account with 4) Partner’s Phone Number 5) Partner’s Gender 6) Partners Shirt Size & Style if applicable 7) Is your partner a Huntersville Resident Yes/No

5. How does my partner join my team and pay?

Upon registering, only one player from the team needs to register and pay. The player who registers the team will pay for both players at the time of payment. 

6. What if I do not have a partner, can you match me with someone?

We unfortunately cannot match you with another player but we do recommend you post on our Facebook Wall with the location, day, time and division you are seeking a partner for as our hopes is that players can connect there. 

7. What is my Skill Level?

To help you determine your personal skill level, we have created a What Is My Skill Level Guide that asks your specific questions about your level of play and directs you to your appropriate skill level. 

8. What is your refund policy?

  • Full Refund will be granted if requested prior to the registration deadline for the league or Event the player registered for, with the exception of a $5.00 processing fee.


  • Partial Refund will be granted if requested after registration deadline but prior to the initially stated start date* of the league/event the player registered for, with the exception of a $20.00 processing fee as this fee covers business & processing expenses.


  • Once the league/event’s initially stated start date* arrives, there will be NO REFUNDS or CREDITS (unless otherwise stated by instructor)


*If weather or other circumstances delay the original start date of league play, the refund deadline will remain as the initially stated start date at the time the player registered. 

9. How do I request a refund?

To request a refund, please fill out our Refund Request Form

10. Who can I contact for further assistance?

Please contact Autumn at for further assistance.